Wednesday, May 7, 2014

elliott's birth.

i have been dying to sit down and start documenting my little elliott's life and i finally got a free moment to do it!  i don't know why it's so hard for me to get back to our computer room and sit down - probably because i feed a baby for 30-40 minutes every 2-3 hours during the day and that doesn't leave much time in between.  i feel good if i get a shower, feed myself, and keep the house looking decent.  but we are getting out more and more these days and life is starting to feel a little more normal.

anyway!  onto the birth of my dear sweet babe.  on friday march 14th we went to the doctor for my 37 week check and was told i was 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  my doctor was surprised because nothing had happened the week before and that was a lot of change for one week.  i told him i was not ready for the baby to come and he said i would probably still be pregnant at my next appointment the following week.  still, the visit made me a little freaked.  that afternoon i ran a few errands with my friend kat and got some much needed things - and thank goodness i did!  

that night isaac and i babysat our little niece soeyer and got to bed around midnight.  i was having some mild lower back cramping when i got in bed but i didn't think much of it.  around 1:30 am i woke to what felt like the baby kicking me really hard and a pop.  i got up to the bathroom and thought my water had broken - although it wasn't a ton of fluid.  the cramping in my back was much stronger than before, but the pain was like moderate menstrual cramps.  i sat in the bathroom for a few minutes freaking out and then went and got back in bed.  i started googling "what real contractions feel like" because i had been having braxton hicks for quite some time and wanted to be sure these were the real things. isaac woke up a few minutes later to me googling on my phone and asked if i was okay.  i immediately started crying and told him i thought my water had broken and that i was having contractions.  he was pretty mad i didn't wake him up right away!  i told him i wasn't 100% positive my water had broken but we both knew i should go get checked.  i got in the shower and packed my bags {very slowly, i was in no rush!!} and we headed to the hospital around 4am.  

we checked in and the nurse hooked me up to the monitors and i was indeed having contractions.  she did a few tests to see if my water had broken and it had not.  i also hadn't dilated past 1 cm so she called my doctor and they decided to watch me for a few hours.  the contractions at this point were still like strong menstrual cramps and i was able to rest a little while we were there.  the baby was doing really well - still moving a bunch and his HR was in the 150s.  the nurses changed shifts and my new nurse came in to check me and i was now only a 2+.  she said getting up and walking might help move things along so i walked the halls of labor and delivery hoping things would start moving.
once we were there at the hospital i had come to terms with the fact that this baby was coming early and i was ready!  i didn't want to go home because that meant he might not come.  the nurse checked me again around 9am and still no major progress, so she spoke with my doctor again and they decided to send me home.  i was pretty disappointed but understood why it was best to go home {and when i got the bill for this little visit i really understood why! ha!}.  she gave me a shot of morphine and phenergan and said that if i wasn't in true labor the medicine would stop the contractions.  if 6 hours later when the medicine wore off and i was still having contractions i was in true labor and needed to come back.
i was starving so we stopped at kneaders on the way home and picked up breakfast.  of course i had to get my favorite treat - a mint brownie.  by the time we were home eating our breakfast i was so tired and a little loopy from the meds.  isaac and i both got in bed and slept for 5 straight hours.  it was glorious!  i still felt some contractions while i  was sleeping but they weren't painful.  at 3pm, exactly 6 hours after i got my shot, i woke up in crazy pain.  i got up to the bathroom and while coming back to bed i had a contraction that lasted a good 3 minutes - i couldn't move, i was hunched over in pain struggling to breath.  after that contraction we started timing them and they were 3-5 minutes apart, lasting about a minute each.  it was time to go back to the hospital and have our baby!
one last baby belly shot before we went back to the hospital!  37 weeks and 3 days.
the contractions were getting more and more painful on the way to the hospital but i was starving again and i knew they wouldn't let me eat when i got there.  isaac drove me to my favorite place and i ate a corn dog in between contractions.  i had to have my #1 pregnancy craving one more time before the baby came!  i'm crazy i know.  but it was delicious.

we got there almost 12 hours later than our first admission - at 4pm - and got checked in.  i had made a little progress and was still dilated to a 2+. my contractions were still 3-5 minutes apart and getting much more painful.  my nurse {who was amazing!  i will never forget how good she was to me} asked, "if you could have your epidural now, would you get it?"  and i said yes yes yes yes yes.  i wanted relief and i wanted it now.  unfortunately the doctor on call was managing my care at this point and he would not let me get it until i "proved myself" aka started dilating more on my own because i was only 37 weeks.  i was frustrated but understood.  but let me tell you, the two hours i had to labor without an epidural were pure hell.  so much pain!  the nurse was amazing though and helped me through many of the contractions and showed isaac how to help by putting pressure on my knees or my hips.  this helped a ton, but nothing can top the epidural.  nothing.

the nurse came and checked me again around 6pm and helped me get to a 4 so that i could get my epidural.  the anesthesiologist was at my bedside within 10 minutes and placed it with no issues.  it felt a little weird but was nothing compared to the contractions i was feeling.  i immediately starting having relief and was finally able to relax.  one of my fears before going into labor was that my epidural wouldn't work and that i was not prepared to handle the pain on my own so i was very relieved it worked so well.  

the nurses changed shifts again and i got another amazing nurse.  my blood pressure starting dropping because of my epidural so they gave me some extra fluid and eventually a medication to bring it back up.  the doctor came in and broke my water and then i was free to try and get some rest.  it was about 8pm at this point and isaac was starting to get hungry.  i told him to go grab something to eat now before i got really hungry again and would be jealous he was eating.  haha!  i was prepared for a long night of labor.  
he left to get some food and i tried to sleep.  after about an hour i started to feel some pressure and what felt like the baby's head moving down.  i didn't think this could be possible because i was a 4 the last time they had checked me but i just relaxed and wait for the nurse to come back and check on me again.  isaac got back with his food and a few minutes later the nurse came in.  she checked me and said i was fully dilated and ready to push!  we were shocked!  she called my doctor and he was available to come deliver my baby.  i was so happy!  they set up the room for delivery and my nurse had me start pushing just before my doctor arrived.  she got a mirror so i could see what was going on {a little scary at first but i'm really glad i got to see} and after a few minutes we saw his head and it was covered in dark hair!  we were so surprised because both isaac and i had very little hair when we were born and i was expecting a bald baby.  i pushed for around 40 minutes when the doctor told me only a few pushes left! 

at 10:32 pm elliott brian westwood arrived with a very high pitched squeal.  i was so happy to hear him crying so loudly and looking so pink!  they put him on my chest and started rubbing him dry and i was overcome with emotion.  my baby was here!  it was a very spiritual experience for us and we knew this little baby was meant to come to our family.  i held him on my bare chest and he snuggled right up and calmed down.  it was so sweet.  he had a little furrowed brow and refused to open his eyes for a really long time.  isaac then held him skin to skin and it was so sweet to see him with his new baby son.  

they then took him to be weighed and he came in at 7 pounds 5 ounces!  i was so surprised he weighed that much being 2 1/2 weeks early!
we had two names picked out prior to his birth and once we saw him with his little eyes open we knew he was elliott.  we knew his middle name would be brian from the time we found out we were having a boy. i was so happy to honor my dear cousin brian who had passed away from a motorcycle accident the previous summer.  i know my little elliott brian spent lots of time with him before coming down to earth.  once we decided on his name isaac went and got our family who were waiting outside to meet our little man.
meeting his grandmas for the first time.
 elliott is the first grandchild in my family and the second in isaac's.  but he is the first baby boy in isaac's family and will carry on the westwood name.
he looks so big here but was really so tiny.  
we all marveled over his tiny features and long fingers and toes.  and his dark hair!  we still can't get over his dark hair!
sweet little angel baby with that little hand.  he posed like that all on his own!

i still can't believe he's here.  i love being his mom so much.  more to come!


Marta said...

Emma he is so sweet and cute, and I'm glad your epidural worked! I love reading birth stories, it is such an exciting time. Plus, craved Hotdog on a Stick when I was pregnant too, and also was surprised to have a dark haired baby.

Congratulations again!

Lauren Wendy said...


Ashley and Zach Smart said...

Birth stories are my fav! He really is such a doll. Sounds like he was just so ready to come. Gotta get in one last meal before they make you starve for hours!

Kat said...

He's just the best. We love him so much!!! Excuse me while I ask Tyler to take me to Hot Dog on a Stick.

Kris said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful and you look amazing for just having a baby. Excuse me while I check with Kat about her visit to Hot Dog On A Stick.................

brynne frei said...

he is seriously beautiful and i'm so happy you wrote this down! i was sad i didn't get the details at your shower. we're moving home next week and me and morrie are going to come knocking on your door right away to meet this sweet boy!

Jelissa Cameron said...

I don't know how you looked so good after having a baby, but you did! You are a babe and he is so so so cute!

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