Friday, March 14, 2014

this post is pretty much all about food.

this is one of those catch up posts about what we've been up to but when i looked through my photos i realized they are all pretty much food.  i'm fine with it.
 we had my family over for sunday dinner a few weeks ago and we made cafe rio pork salads.  i may have almost screwed up the meal at least 3 times and isaac saved the day each and every time.  is it fun having your husband be a better cook than you?!  especially while pregnant?!  not really.  but i love him for it and am excited that he will be taking over the cooking for a while when the baby arrives!  oh, and did i take any pictures of the fam?  nope.  but you bet i got a picture of this delicious salad.  i think someone has her priorities mixed up...
 jude!!  he is the best little shopping partner.  kat and i were waiting for our hot dog on a stick {whaaat?!} and he was just chilling with his leg crossed.  so cute.  kat has been my #1 gal and has helped me so much with baby prep.  she went on all my baby errands with me this day and i loved having her and jude by my side.  he knows i'm having a baby and is always asking if there is baby under my shirt.  he kills me.
 we found our favorite cheese that we order at the copper onion at harmon's and i was this close to tearing up.  isaac and i have been having a lot of late night cheese parties since our discovery and we are both loving it.  how i am not 300 pounds is beyond me.  thank you harmon's for being the magical place that you are.
 last saturday was such a dream of a day!  i had to sleep most the day after working the night before but once i got up we headed out for a little picnic at liberty park.  unfortunately once we ran a few errands and got our food it was quite chilly and we ended up eating in the car...but we still loved our short time in the pretty park.  spring is coming and i am so thrilled!
 a new favorite treat {thank you katie!!}, a cazookie from the chocolate dessert cafe.  there is one dangerously close to our house and now that i've introduced isaac to it i have a feeling it will become one of our favorite weekend spots real quick.  who wants to come with us this weekend?!!
chugging along at 36 weeks.  and now i'm 37!  only 3 more weeks in the cooker for this babe.  i have another appointment this morning, we will see if any progress has been made...i don't feel any different so probably not, which is cool.  i still have quite the list of things to accomplish before go time.  have i told you how hard it is for this crazy planner not know when he's coming?!  it's killing me!
and lastly, the cupcakes i made for our relief society birthday party.  there is nothing better than a pretty, fluffy cupcake.

so there you go.  lots of food and baby errands and treats and food and a big baby belly and treats.  pretty exciting stuff happening over here.


Kat said...

So many likes about this post! Let's run more errands together!

Kat said...

Also, let us talk about how you probably JUST posted this and I commented. So... thats happy. It's not like a check your blog... every day...

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