Tuesday, March 4, 2014

date night: sacred gifts exhibit.

 on saturday night i planned a little date for isaac filled with some of his favorite things.  we haven't gone to utah county much since we moved back up north so it was fun to hit some of our favorite spots!  our first stop was at elaine french bakery for some classic french napoleon to enjoy after our night out.  if you haven't been there it's a must - everything there is authentic and delicious.  then we had dinner at black sheep cafe and it was better than ever!  i don't know if it's because i'm pregnant and everything tastes extra delicious but it was really good.  their cactus pear lemonade is my fav.  i wish we ate there more when we lived closer.  after dinner we went over to the byu museum of art to see their sacred gifts exhibit.  it features the religious art of carl bloch, heinrich hofmann, and frans schwartz.  it was a very enlightening, spiritual experience and i'm really glad we got to go before the baby comes.  reserve your tickets soon so you can see it before it closes in may!  it is so worth the drive if you live in salt lake county.    see the gallery here.  also, i recommend downloading the app on your ipad if you have one or renting one - it made the experience so much better.

my goal for the last 4 weeks before we welcome our little man is to squeeze in as many date nights as we can, especially doing things that won't be very easy once we have a baby in tow.  any suggestions are welcome, i need ideas!  as excited as i am for the baby to join us, i want to enjoy the last few weeks as a family of two!


Kat said...

Oh the lemonade... It be so delish. Go see the Dead Sea Scrolls... it's $25 a person, but it is kind of amazing.

Catherine said...

Looks like a perfect date! You are the cutest, Emma. Always enjoy reading about your life and what you are up to!

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