Friday, March 7, 2014

36 weeks.

it's 6:34 in the morning and i've been up since 5!  the last few weeks i've been struggling with insomnia at least once a week and it is not fun.  this morning my mind just kept running through all the things i still need for the baby {insanity because i just had an amazing baby shower last night with the westwood family!} and then my nausea kicked in so out of bed for me.  zofran has been a dear friend of mine the entire pregnancy but lately i need it more frequently.  it just hits me out of no where and it is the worst!  luckily i haven't thrown up since the first trimester.  i am currently deep breathing through it because the 1/2 tab i took this morning ain't cutting it.  gah!  time for another 1/2.

i really, really can't complain too much though.  besides the nausea and occasional insomnia i have had a pretty dreamy pregnancy.  i still feel good exercising, i sleep most nights {minus 2-3 trips to the bathroom}, and work is doable.  i am working up until my due date in hopes that if he hasn't come by then he definitely will after working one of those shifts!  the thought of waiting any longer than april 2nd for him to come kind of kills me.

we are getting so excited to welcome a little baby into our home.  this week i took care of a 2 day old baby boy at work and it made it sooooo real for me - i kept thinking " this is what i'm going to have!!!!  a little baby boy like this!!"  he was the cutest.  it is such a crazy feeling holding a little newborn while you feel one kicking in your belly.  i love it.  it's like he knows!  haha.  we are getting closer to figuring out our baby's name and have had it narrowed down to 2 for quite some time - one that isaac loves and one that i love.  we both like each other's as well, so we've decided to wait until we meet him to decide.  some days i really feel like it's one name and then i switch to the other!  hopefully we will just know what his name should be when we see his little face.

today is my 36 week check up and i start going to the doctor weekly from here on out.  i can tell the babe's little home is getting tight in there - his kicks and jabs are getting a little more painful day by day!  he still gets the hiccups multiple times a day and his favorite time to move is right when i'm trying to go to sleep.  funny, that's when his dad likes to poke and tease me as well!  

27 more days my friends, 27 more days.  isaac keeps telling me we need to pack our bags for the hospital and he is 100% right.  i will do it this weekend!  oh, and we've got to get our car seat!  once i have those things done hopefully my anxiety and insomnia over not being ready will subside a little bit, but we will see...


Chels said...

Eek! So soon! Good luck with the next few weeks, I hope you enjoy them.

Trish the Dish said...

So so excited for you guys!

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