Saturday, December 14, 2013

welcome home elder russell!

dallin arrived home from brazil just over a week ago on a very snowy tuesday morning!  utah had to welcome him home in typical winter fashion.  it was like christmas morning seeing him come down that escalator!!  and watching him reunite with  cricket was so precious!  she knew exactly who he was and ran to him so fast.  
it was a very special day and it feels good to have the 4 sibs back together again.  i am so proud of dallin and his dedication of 2 years to our heavenly father.  he changed lots of lives in brazil and i know he will be blessed his entire life because of it.  we love you dallin!


Kat said...

good news. This went by very fast for me so I didn't have any emotional withdrawals. Also, that picture of you at the bottom of the escalator... priceless. True Emma.

Chels said...

That's so sweet about Cricket and Dallin! Melted my heart. Your brothers are so tall! I'm glad Dallin is home safe.

Brittany said...

Oh gosh. It really is the best when they come home. One of the happiest times my family has ever had for sure. I love these photos of your fam--you guys are a good-looking bunch.

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