Wednesday, December 4, 2013

thanksgiving weekend 2013.

we had such a fun thanksgiving this year.  it really is one of my favorite weekends of the whole year because it includes all of my favorite things - family, good food, friends, and shopping.  we had dinner with my family at my aunt christie's house and it was amazing.  i really want a repeat. 
i drew this...
and collin drew this...rude!!!
after dinner we drove up to meet isaac's family for our annual getaway in park city!  we hung out by the fire in our hotel for a few hours and then went over to the outlets for the j. crew sale!  kat and ty met us for the shopping and we got some pretty sweet deals.  i kept forgetting i was pregnant while trying on clothes and wondering why nothing was fitting quite right - duh!  i still found some goodies despite holding back because of the baby belly.
the next morning we had breakfast with the fam at the eating establishment, did some more shopping, and had a late afternoon lunch at cafe rio.  it really is such a fun tradition.  it is crazy to think we will have a 7 month old baby with us next year!
i had to get this little outfit for the christmas babe 2014.
on saturday morning we met the moulton family for breakfast at kneaders.  we love when they come to utah and really wish they lived closer.  
saturday night this gal came by for a visit while her parents went to a movie.  she really is the cutest.  i love the one on one time i get with her while babysitting.

thanksgiving weekend is the best.  i got tons of christmas shopping done and it really got it us in the christmas spirit.  we got a tree on saturday but it has been a bit of a disaster to decorate because we just can't seem to figure out the lights.  it is a much bigger tree than we've ever had before {we bought it at costco and it was all bundled up so we had no clue how large it was, we normally go to a lot and pick out a smaller one}.  i have been to target one too many times to get the right lights {that match the ones we have from previous years} and if i have to go back one more time i will scream.  my pregnancy hormones/rage cannot handle it.  hopefully we can get it all settled and put up today because i'm ready to enjoy it instead of glare at it every time i walk by.  haha, you really shouldn't hate your christmas tree, should you?!  i keep telling isaac that those fake, pre-lit ones are becoming more and more desirable...

but yay!  christmas!

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Catherine said...

Okay, I can't even handle going into Baby Gap. I want to buy everything. Your little guy is going to be extra handsome in that outfit!! Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving weekend, aside from the Christmas tree disaster!

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