Monday, December 2, 2013

girl's weekend in st. george.

hooray for the beginning of december!  i just love this month so much.  i better get caught up on november happenings so i can begin to talk about christmas 24/7.

first, an amazing girls weekend in st. george with my two best gals.  we went over our friend brynn's birthday november 8th to celebrate her birth and life.  she would have been 27 this year and we partied hard here on earth for her.  we even had a few little brynn moments that we knew were made possible by her.  we felt her with us all weekend long.
on our way down we stopped in beaver at brynn and mal's favorite chair for a photo.  the party hat was for brynn...ha!  we did lots of good eating the entire trip {of course - we all know my vacations are really foodcations} and our first night there we had one of brynn's favorites - cafe rio.  we saw the movie about time and loved it.  when we got home we had a dance party and watched some hilarious videos of brynn.  she was the funniest.
the next morning we went to the one and only bear paw cafe, my favorite breakfast place of all time.  we were told the wait would be 30 minutes and when we sat down outside them came and listed like 10 names off and none of them were there - so it was our turn!  it was a brynn-made miracle.
we took 1 million selfies...and that isn't an exaggeration.
then we spent some time hiking the red rocks of snow canyon.  gosh it's pretty.  we could have spent the whole day out there in the sun.
the baby loved it too.  now please enjoy some really ridiculous vines we made.
we are the worst, i know.
then we tried the famous drink place swig.  i got a dirty coke {coke + coconut - i'm not a diet gal} and it was pretty tasty.  their sugar cookie wasn't that great though!!  i feel crazy saying that because everyone loves them but i just wasn't a fan...but i will give them one more try next time i go before i form a solid opinion.
we stayed at malorie's dad's house and it was so fab.  the backyard overlooks a golf course and is so pretty.  we spent lots of time out there reading our books and enjoying the very warm sun.  we did a lot of relaxing and it was just what we needed.
nielsen's frozen custard - a st. george/girls weekend must.  the first night i only got chocolate {my fav} but on our second night the flavor of the day was bumbleberry {strawberry + raspberry} and i had to get a double.  the baby insisted.  it was the right choice.
i love these girls so much.  we had the best time and the weekend ended too soon!  i am lucky to have such amazing friends.  i'm so glad we got together to celebrate brynn's birthday in a big way.  i know she was enjoying the fun with us from above.


Malorie said...

I loved every moment of this brynn foodcation! Thanks for helping plan it. Love you!

Jenna said...

Oh my SPAZ....

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