Monday, January 19, 2015

celebrating brynn's bday 2014.

over the weekend of november 8th the gals and i had a little staycation to celebrate our sweetie girl brynn's birthday.  we wished more of our friends could have made it to celebrate with us!  brynn loved mexican food so we had to try the new restaurant in downtown slc, alamexo!  it was delicious and my favorite part was the fresh made guacamole.  we filled our time doing some of our favorite luxuries {i especially loved it because i don't get to do these things very often anymore} like seeing a movie, shopping and staying in a hotel.  isaac watched elliott and it was a fun break with my besties!  i had hoped i would sleep really well since sleeping all the way through the night doesn't happen much these days but i of course woke up at 5 am on the dot wondering why elliott hadn't woken me yet.  oh motherhood.
the next morning kari met us for breakfast and to visit brynn's grave.  it was such a beautiful warm day and we had lots of fun trying to get a picture of us and brynn.  haha.  
elliott joined us for a little shopping at city creek and he loved some amanda & mal time.  he's a lucky boy to have so many babes love him.  

i look forward to celebrating brynn's birthday with my friends each year.  we always laugh so hard at all of our funny memories with her.  and she always lets us know she's there with us by making good things happen!  happy 28th brynncess!

elliott's eighth month.

october 16 - november 15, 2014.  
 elliott was a pro at sitting up and was pretty easy to manage mobility wise because he couldn't crawl yet. he would sit and play with toys so well...oh man it was so nice.  
look at those lashes!!! so dark and long!
 elliott has the best sleepy faces when he wakes up to eat.
 my little facetimer!!!  i am so grateful for this amazing technology, it makes working and being away from him 2 days a week so much more bearable!  
 we took elliott to a pumpkin patch on a saturday afternoon and this is what he thought about the crowds...haha.  not having it.
 it was around this time that elliott was not cool just chilling in his car seat anymore.  he would try and sit up and whine to get out.
 kat and i took elliott and jude to see the witches at gardner village and had such a lovely time!  they are the sweetest little friends and this photo of them holding hands kills me.  i love that elliott just sat with that witch...haha he had no clue what was going on!  jude on the other hand wouldn't go near her.  it will be interesting to see what he thinks next year!
 i came in to get elliott up from his nap and he was nearly sitting up!  he was so happy about it.
elliott and i went to a little halloween lunch with some friends from our neighborhood and he was loving sliding around the gym floor in his costume.  i allowed it for the picture/video only and then got grossed out thinking about how dirty it was.
 such a cheeser.
yeah for the sippy cup!  i was surprised at how well he did the first time i gave it to him.
 gotta love hat hair.
 first time riding in the grocery cart!  he loved it and squealed and babbled at everyone we passed, especially the other kids.  this was the only picture i got that wasn't blurry because he was so excited and moving all over the place.
 with dad at the ward halloween party.
 happy halloween from this wind blown babe.
 kat watched elliott while i went to a class at work and sent me this photo and i just died.  baby models!
 on his way to be babysat by grandma v!
 i've always loved the one spot at target but it is even more fun with elliott!  this got me so excited for his first christmas.
 watching baby signing time for the first time!  he sat like that for the first 5 minutes and watched it pretty well for the next 10.  not bad for a 7 1/2 month old!  i bought it for him for christmas but we only watch it a few times a week because the songs get in my head and drive me crazy for days and days.  i hate it.
isaac went to a fancy event at the grand america and i had to have a picture of my handsome boys.
elliott on veteran's day.  we had to go out and deliver some invitations for a relief society activity and it was so cold!  he just look all around and didn't make a peep the entire time.  i'm so grateful for this pleasant boy.
trying out sleep number beds.
november 13th was my cousin brian's birthday so we met up with some family to visit his grave and celebrate his life.  the night before i was so exhausted and hoping elliott would sleep well that night - that morning i woke up and elliott had slept until 7:30 {he is usually up to eat around 5ish and then goes back to sleep - i know that is nothing compared to some babies but it kills me}!  it was a little brithday gift from brian and i was so grateful!  his birthday was pretty hard for me this year because i kept thinking about how much elliott would love him.  and how much brian loves elliott!  it still doesn't seem fair!  i miss him so much.  it was a lovely evening and elliott loved getting lots of love from his cousins.  he always knows how to make everyone happy.
and now we present our 8 month old baby!  happy and officially crawling the week before his 8 month birthday.  he loves it!  and one of his favorite toys is a water bottle...

Friday, January 16, 2015

elliott's first halloween.

 blogging about halloween in january!?  kind of annoying, i know.  but when your baby looks this cute in a crab costume, it must be documented and remembered forever.
we went to isaac's company's halloween party and had a fun time showing off our little crab cake.  our niece soeyer was there as eeyore and looked so dang cute.  she loved playing in the leaves and elliott loved trying to eat them.
afterward we took elliott over to my parents for the evening and my dad took these photos.  i bought this costume on a whim in case i didn't find anything else and i'm so glad i did.  it fits his personality and cute little face so perfectly.  i worked the night shift that night so no trick or treating for us...but hopefully next year!
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