Tuesday, September 2, 2014

isaac's big 2-8!

in july isaac turned 28 and we celebrated by going to his most favorite place, the cabin!  we enjoyed the day with his family, just relaxing and eating delicious food.  it was elliott's first official trip the cabin {he had been for a short visit once before} and he loved it!  
 on our way up we had to stop and feed elliott.  he was happy for the break from his car seat.
 for isaac's birthday he bought himself a cabin!  it is just kitty corner from the family cabin and when it went up for sale isaac and his brother ryan jumped right on it.  we are excited to fix it up and spend our summers here.  
this picture shows soeyer and elliott's personalities perfectly.  soeyer is cute & crazy, elliott is cute & calm.  ha!  they will be the perfect pair.
isaac, the birthday king grilling his own delicious birthday dinner.  i can't help that he is the grill master. 
soeyer, 14 months.  elliott, 3 months.
his "happy birthday dad!" face.

the next morning we got together with kat, tyler and jude to celebrate.  we went up to silver fork lodge for breakfast {yummy!} and walked around silver lake.  it was a beautiful day! 
little sleepy face.
mama and baby ducklings!
 it was such a great weekend celebrating isaac's birth!

Monday, August 18, 2014

remembering brynn & brian.

i kind of hate the beginning of summer.  it used to be filled with so much excitement for the warm months ahead but that feeling is now mixed with sadness and dread.  as many of you know my friend brynn was killed in a hit and run bike accident on june 7, 2011 and last year my best friend and cousin brian was in a motorcycle accident and passed away on june 8, 2013.  brian was in the hospital for a week following his accident and i just couldn't believe that things were happening so close to the time brynn had been killed.  we said goodbye to brian on june 8th, and i was relieved i didn't lose them on the same day.  

this year we celebrated each of their lives with family and friends and it helped me heal so much.  and having little elliott straight from heaven to bring everyone some happiness was perfect.  

as per tradition, we remembered brynn with some bright, beautiful balloons - just like her.  one thing i miss about brynn so much is her laugh!  it was theeee best.

surviving the first year without brian was excruciating for our family, but we did it.  we gathered at his gravesite to have a little picnic and to plant a tree in his honor.  he is buried in in the most beautiful place and my aunt has some great plans for keeping it pristine for our brian.  gathering with family to remember brian meant so much to me!
when elliott was first born little maddie called him "uncle bri baby".  so sweet!  his cousins just adore him.
 sweet josie.
 a tiny boy and a tiny tree.

i shared this thought on my instagram but wanted to share it here as well.  the morning of june 8th i was reading some thoughts brian wrote down and loved this:

"make every day count.  appreciate every moment and take from those moments everything that you possibly can for you may never be able to experience it again.  let yourself fall in love, break free, and set your sights high.  hold your head up because you have every right to.  tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, it will be hard for others to believe in you."

 pretty great words to live by.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

elliott's third month.

month three.  i feel like i was finally starting to get a hang of this motherhood thing and could do a little more than just keep elliott and i alive...like make dinner!  but only a few times a week.  this was my last month of maternity leave and as each day passed i was kind of freaking out about going back to work.  but more on that later!
still wearing newborn clothes.  and still hating tummy time, even though his bff moose was by his side.  we love this toy!
love these snuggles.
elliott scared the crap out of the both of us with a giant fart/poop.  this was his face immediately afterward...i have entitled it "at peace".
elliott got to meet aj, jon, katie & her kids at a picnic and it was so much fun!  amanda was there too, but of course he already knows her.  it was such a fun way to start off the summer!
at the end of may i got really, really sick with a sinus infection.  it was the worst thing ever!!  being sick and taking care of a baby is dang hard.  elliott got sick too but he was just mildly congested. i was so worried about him getting really sick and he never did.  hooray for breast milk!  i got on an antibiotic for my infection and the next day elliott had a rash!  i took him to the doctor and it turned out it wasn't from the antibiotic, but likely from some new dryer sheets i had just bought.  phew!  and of course it didn't even phase him.  he really is the most easy going baby.
his hair parts so funny when wet.
smiling at nana.
the sunday before memorial day we went to visit brian.  it was such a peaceful, beautiful day.  elliott should have been hungry and fussy while we were there but he just relaxed and enjoyed the shade.  
grandpa's glasses.
meeting aunt diana for the first time!!  we love these beauties so much.
blessing day.
waffles, a jude photo bomb and a walk with our favorites.
elliott's first time at pizzeria 712 with grandma virlie.
he is such a little man in this!
collin's high school graduation!  elliott was sporting his summer whites.
tummy time is hard.  once he found his hand all he wanted to do was chew it instead of hold his head up.  boo.
a lunch date and visit with amanda and malorie to see brian.
charming the ladies at book club!
my brother dallin served a mission in brazil and brought back this little uniform for elliott to wear for the world cup!  he has been itching for tiny elliott to wear it since the day he was born.  such luck that it fit perfectly in time for the world cup!  that hat!
 the dodo for uncle ryan's birthday!
loving mom and dad's bed.  "just leave me here guys, i'll be fine!"
wu-tang for father's day!  this is elliott telling his uncle dallin to go get him a treat.
and finally, elliott at 3 months old.  such a sweet baby face.  this boy has so many expressions!
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