Friday, September 12, 2014

oregon family vacation: multnomah falls & seaside.

time to document our first family vacation!  at the end of july we went to oregon for a week to celebrate the life of isaac's grandma von.  we had planned to have a family reunion on the coast for her 90th birthday, but she passed away last april so we went to scatter her ashes and remember her.  the whole westwood family was together and we had a blast!  then we spent some time with my cousins in portland!  dream trip i tell you.
elliott was so good on the flight!!  he loved looking at everyone around him and slept really well.  he is still so tiny here {4 months} and was still used to being bundled to sleep so that really helped.  it also helped that his time to eat was when we were taking off so he guzzled a bottle during take off and sucked his binkie while we landed.  we also gave him tylenol before flying - who knows if that helped or not but his ears didn't seem to bother him at all.
we rented a big car with isaac's parents and elliott got the pleasure of enjoying his grandma virlie in the back with him.  i was also there, but obviously grandma is more exciting!
darling cousins at the multnomah falls lodge.
the falls were so beautiful!  elliott was snoozing in his stroller and missed this whole thing.  isaac always complains that when he talks about a place he wants to visit his parents tell him he has been there...when he as 2, or when he was a baby, etc.  you know, a time in his life he doesn't remember. {he got to live in london for a few months when he was 14 so i don't think he gets to complain at all...}  and now we are doing that to elliott.  haha!  "you were there elliott!  yes you were only 4 months old, but you have been to the oregon coast!"  we will hopefully be taking him back many more times.
he is the happiest baby and was so happy to be with family for a whole week!  so much attention!!  
quick stop at the tillamook cheese factory for some silly photos and yummy ice cream.
i packed this hat last minute and i'm so glad i did!  it was chilly at night.
we stayed in a group of 3 beach houses, one for each family.  it was so much fun.  we had dinner as a family each night in the courtyard.
we took a walk over to the beach {seaside} and it was such a beautiful night!  i love me some pink clouds.  of course our little bear slept through this as well.  around this time he had started not loving being in his happy baby wrap because he wanted to see everything that's going on but after a few minutes he settled right down and cozied up to sleep.  i live for moments like this.
the next day was beach day!  a bunch of the family went crabbing and elliott and i opted to go to the beach with grandma v.  it was the nicest day we were there and i'm so glad we went!  i can't even handle elliott in his little swimwear.  his belly wanted to be free.
elliott loved the sand and water.  the water was pretty cold so we just put our feet in and he loved it so much!  he is the most easy going baby, nothing seems to phase him.  his first beach trip was a success.
that night was our family's night to make dinner and we made a mexican feast.  it was delicious.  i could eat this meal every single day.

more to come!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

elliott's fourth month.

after having 3 months off with my elliott boy it was time to go back to work!  i can't believe how fast those 3 months went...before i had him i would think about how much i could get done while on maternity leave.  ha!  i was still in survival mode at this point, but things were getting better!  we had figured out breast feeding and elliott was usually only waking up once a night.  he took a bottle really well so i didn't have to worry about that thank goodness.  going back to work was so hard.  i had left elliott with my mom and mother in law quite a bit before returning to work so i wasn't worried about that, it was just so hard to leave him for 12+ hour shifts!  i went back part time {2 shifts/week} and the first few weeks were rough.  i think the only thing that made it bearable was the fact that i love my job, my patients, and the people i work with!  it was so fun to see all my friends again and catch up.  it was also really nice to be a nurse again, it reminded me of who i was before i became a mom.  don't get me wrong, i love love love being a mom, but i also love the person i was before.  it's a good balance.  when i'm at work elliott gets to bond with both of our families and spend lots of time with isaac, which is so great.  isaac is such a good dad.  i'm lucky i have the help and support of my family to take care of elliott while i work.  and thank goodness for facetime!  elliott is crazy good at it.  he responds and smiles!  it is the sweetest thing. 
in the middle of june isaac had sinus surgery and it was terrible.  his surgery got delayed so he didn't get out of recovery until after 9pm so we were admitted to the surgical floor.  we had a hard time getting his pain under control and his oxygen saturations kept dropping because he was breathing like 6 times a minute!  every time he would get confortable and fall asleep i had to wake him up by prompting him to take a breath.  my mother in law was at our house with elliott and we had planned on being home by 8 or 9, not get admitted!  we ended up staying the night and it was rough.  i hadn't planned on being away from elliott so that was super hard on me, but isaac was not doing very well and i knew i needed to be with him.  i was basically his nurse the entire night, telling his nurse what to do because she was so grumpy and not helpful.  when his pain medications weren't touching his pain i asked her to call his surgeon and she was shocked that i wanted her to call him at 4 in the morning.  hello!!!  that is her job!  ridiculous.  we finally got his pain controlled after she called him and he started breathing better.  he got his stents out that morning and we headed home to our baby.  he was so good for virlie and he was amazing the rest of the day!  it was like he knew that we had just been through hell and he needed to be good - napping extra long and being so sweet.  isaac had about a week of terrible pain and is now doing much better.  surgery is the worst.
"mom!  why are you making me wear this hat with my jammies!"
elliott discovered his hands around this time and really started chewing on them.  here he is at dinner, having them for a nice meal.
looking cool in uncle ryan's glasses.
elliott was snoozing after eating and i snapped this picture, forgetting the sound was on.  the click of the camera scared the crap out of him and i caught it all.  hahaha.  so sad/funny.
my sister watched elliott while isaac and i went to dinner and a movie and sent me these amazing photos.  she said getting cricket to let elliott lay on her was so hard.  she is so weird about him!  haha.  i really wonder what she thinks about this new tiny person in our family.  our dinner at from scratch was delicious!  it was a much needed date night.  if i remember correctly elliott was fighting naps pretty hardcore at this time and it was making me feel a little crazy.  isn't he cute in jenna's glasses though?!
sunday portrait by grandpa jonathan.
sinful sundaes.  heavenly.
at the end of june my sister jenna moved to LA to pursue a modeling career.  we were so excited for her but so sad to see her go!  it makes me so sad that she doesn't get to see elliott as much.  he loves her like crazy!  he looks at her like "you look a lot like my mom...but you're not..."  so confusing for the babe.  haha.  she is coming in a few weeks and we can't wait to see her again!  hopefully we can plan a trip out of LA to see her soon as well.
we got together with some of my best girlfriends and their kids for a picnic up millcreek canyon.  it was so much fun.  i love any chance to put elliott in that little hat.
it was around this time that i realized elliott was no longer covered in his baby fur!  when he was born he had fine, dark hair on his shoulders, arms, the back of his ears...and when i realized it was gone i was sooooo sad!  just another sign that my baby was growing up.  
isaac to elliott: "your eyebrows have more personality than a lot of people i know!" he is so right.
we had such a fun 4th of july at my cousins stephen & melissa's home.  elliott was loved on by all, especially his cousins.  maddie {above in the cute bikini} kept telling me she knew how to feed elliott and to please let her feed him.  haha.  
one of my favorite pictures of mister elliott.
after church we snuck away to brunch at our favorite place, finn's.  
his hairline!
loves from amanda.
cricket, once again keeping her distance.
fooooour months old!  such a happy boy.
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