Thursday, March 27, 2014

say hello to our baby, elliott brian.

 he is here!  our baby boy is here!  our little elliott brian arrived 2 weeks early on saturday march 15th at 10:32 pm.  he weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and is the sweetest little thing.  we are so surprised by his full head of dark hair!  it is so cute.  my dad took these photos on his first day of life and i can't get enough.  the last one is my very favorite.  

i have so much to say about this little dream baby but i am still getting used to little sleep and lots of feedings.  when i get a spare moment i usually sleep or eat, so blogging has become a luxury.  i am soaking up every moment cuddling my little newborn.  every once and a while i get this sense of panic that he is growing up too fast!  the last 11 days have flown by, yet have been the longest days of my life.  haha crazy how that works.

when my dad first showed me these photos he played a song called welcome to the world by nicolette larson and it perfectly describes how i feel about elliott and his birth.  i get teary every time i hear this song.  he is such a precious little gift, i am so grateful he is ours.

It's the same old story
Yes it's nothing new,
Just a gift from heaven
Just a dream come true.
In a flash of glory,
In a ray of light,
Welcome to the world,
That will hold you tight.

And i always knew,
That you were always there.
And i always want to be,
The one to care,
If your heart is broken,
If your feeling blue.
Welcome to the world,
That is here for you.

Welcome to the world,
That is shiny and new.
Welcome to a lifetime,
Of dreams come true.
Welcome to the joy,
Of living each day.
Love is all around you,
And here to stay.

I am here beside you,
I am here to stay.
I will keep you safe,
and never go away.
As you look around you,
Or your fast asleep.
All i have to give you,
is yours to keep

Welcome to the world,
That is shiny and new.
Welcome to a lifetime,
Of dreams come true.
Welcome to the joy,
Of living each day.
Love is all around you,
And here to stay.

i feel so lucky to be this baby's mama.  the amount of love you instantly feel is just insane.  isaac and i are over the moon.  be back soon {i hope} to share the story of his birth, his name, and more about his sweet little spirit.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

a little circus shower for the babe.

last week my mother & sister in law threw me the most darling shower.  so many of our dear family and friends made it and we were given the kindest gifts.  this baby has a lot of people who love him already!
the food was so delish.
 soeyer was just one of the gals at the shower and everyone loved seeing her sweet little face.  she definitely knows how to do a good selfie!
 my mother in law has given me so many sentimental things throughout my pregnancy and made me the most gorgeous quilt for the nursery {pics coming soon!}.  this gift is by far one of my favorites - the outfit and blanket isaac was blessed in.  she has kept so many things in pristine condition, i hope to do the same for my babies.
 i love this sign that virlie and erin put together.  she asked isaac for some photos and these were the only ones we had at our house!  see that grumpy face on the right...proof i've been the way i am since birth.
 the amazing party planners!  i am so lucky to have both of them in my life, and so is baby boy.  i can't believe it was just one year ago we were doing a shower for erin!  soeyer and our babe will just be one year apart and i can't wait to see what little friends they will be.
 pretty mom and sister.  my mom got me the beautiful diaper bag i have been wanting!  i can't wait to get using it.
 aren't these the cutest favors?!  the next day i scarfed down like 3 boxes.  and this table cloth?!  so dang cute.  every detail was perfection.

thank you virlie & erin for the amazing shower!!  having a baby is kind of the best.  i can't wait until he is actually heeeeeere!

Friday, March 14, 2014

this post is pretty much all about food.

this is one of those catch up posts about what we've been up to but when i looked through my photos i realized they are all pretty much food.  i'm fine with it.
 we had my family over for sunday dinner a few weeks ago and we made cafe rio pork salads.  i may have almost screwed up the meal at least 3 times and isaac saved the day each and every time.  is it fun having your husband be a better cook than you?!  especially while pregnant?!  not really.  but i love him for it and am excited that he will be taking over the cooking for a while when the baby arrives!  oh, and did i take any pictures of the fam?  nope.  but you bet i got a picture of this delicious salad.  i think someone has her priorities mixed up...
 jude!!  he is the best little shopping partner.  kat and i were waiting for our hot dog on a stick {whaaat?!} and he was just chilling with his leg crossed.  so cute.  kat has been my #1 gal and has helped me so much with baby prep.  she went on all my baby errands with me this day and i loved having her and jude by my side.  he knows i'm having a baby and is always asking if there is baby under my shirt.  he kills me.
 we found our favorite cheese that we order at the copper onion at harmon's and i was this close to tearing up.  isaac and i have been having a lot of late night cheese parties since our discovery and we are both loving it.  how i am not 300 pounds is beyond me.  thank you harmon's for being the magical place that you are.
 last saturday was such a dream of a day!  i had to sleep most the day after working the night before but once i got up we headed out for a little picnic at liberty park.  unfortunately once we ran a few errands and got our food it was quite chilly and we ended up eating in the car...but we still loved our short time in the pretty park.  spring is coming and i am so thrilled!
 a new favorite treat {thank you katie!!}, a cazookie from the chocolate dessert cafe.  there is one dangerously close to our house and now that i've introduced isaac to it i have a feeling it will become one of our favorite weekend spots real quick.  who wants to come with us this weekend?!!
chugging along at 36 weeks.  and now i'm 37!  only 3 more weeks in the cooker for this babe.  i have another appointment this morning, we will see if any progress has been made...i don't feel any different so probably not, which is cool.  i still have quite the list of things to accomplish before go time.  have i told you how hard it is for this crazy planner not know when he's coming?!  it's killing me!
and lastly, the cupcakes i made for our relief society birthday party.  there is nothing better than a pretty, fluffy cupcake.

so there you go.  lots of food and baby errands and treats and food and a big baby belly and treats.  pretty exciting stuff happening over here.

Friday, March 7, 2014

36 weeks.

it's 6:34 in the morning and i've been up since 5!  the last few weeks i've been struggling with insomnia at least once a week and it is not fun.  this morning my mind just kept running through all the things i still need for the baby {insanity because i just had an amazing baby shower last night with the westwood family!} and then my nausea kicked in so out of bed for me.  zofran has been a dear friend of mine the entire pregnancy but lately i need it more frequently.  it just hits me out of no where and it is the worst!  luckily i haven't thrown up since the first trimester.  i am currently deep breathing through it because the 1/2 tab i took this morning ain't cutting it.  gah!  time for another 1/2.

i really, really can't complain too much though.  besides the nausea and occasional insomnia i have had a pretty dreamy pregnancy.  i still feel good exercising, i sleep most nights {minus 2-3 trips to the bathroom}, and work is doable.  i am working up until my due date in hopes that if he hasn't come by then he definitely will after working one of those shifts!  the thought of waiting any longer than april 2nd for him to come kind of kills me.

we are getting so excited to welcome a little baby into our home.  this week i took care of a 2 day old baby boy at work and it made it sooooo real for me - i kept thinking " this is what i'm going to have!!!!  a little baby boy like this!!"  he was the cutest.  it is such a crazy feeling holding a little newborn while you feel one kicking in your belly.  i love it.  it's like he knows!  haha.  we are getting closer to figuring out our baby's name and have had it narrowed down to 2 for quite some time - one that isaac loves and one that i love.  we both like each other's as well, so we've decided to wait until we meet him to decide.  some days i really feel like it's one name and then i switch to the other!  hopefully we will just know what his name should be when we see his little face.

today is my 36 week check up and i start going to the doctor weekly from here on out.  i can tell the babe's little home is getting tight in there - his kicks and jabs are getting a little more painful day by day!  he still gets the hiccups multiple times a day and his favorite time to move is right when i'm trying to go to sleep.  funny, that's when his dad likes to poke and tease me as well!  

27 more days my friends, 27 more days.  isaac keeps telling me we need to pack our bags for the hospital and he is 100% right.  i will do it this weekend!  oh, and we've got to get our car seat!  once i have those things done hopefully my anxiety and insomnia over not being ready will subside a little bit, but we will see...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

books for baby boy.

last week my book club threw me a little shower for our monthly meeting and it was theeee best!  there are only 5-6 of us who meet each month and we are all major foodies - therefore we go to the best of the best and share the most delicious food.  because they were honoring me and the babe i got to pick and we ate at communal in provo.  we dined just as communal intended and shared a bunch of entrees, sides and desserts.  i loved getting a little taste of everything, especially their amazing dessert.  if you go in the near future, try the butterscotch pudding!  heavenly.

and of course the girls showered me with the sweetest books for baby boy.  it was fun getting some classics as well as some new, unique picks that i haven't seen before!  i can't wait to read every night to my little man.  

my book club is full of women i've only known for a year or two and it's crazy how close we've become.  i feel so lucky to call them my friends.  everyone needs to be part of a book club, it's golden.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

date night: sacred gifts exhibit.

 on saturday night i planned a little date for isaac filled with some of his favorite things.  we haven't gone to utah county much since we moved back up north so it was fun to hit some of our favorite spots!  our first stop was at elaine french bakery for some classic french napoleon to enjoy after our night out.  if you haven't been there it's a must - everything there is authentic and delicious.  then we had dinner at black sheep cafe and it was better than ever!  i don't know if it's because i'm pregnant and everything tastes extra delicious but it was really good.  their cactus pear lemonade is my fav.  i wish we ate there more when we lived closer.  after dinner we went over to the byu museum of art to see their sacred gifts exhibit.  it features the religious art of carl bloch, heinrich hofmann, and frans schwartz.  it was a very enlightening, spiritual experience and i'm really glad we got to go before the baby comes.  reserve your tickets soon so you can see it before it closes in may!  it is so worth the drive if you live in salt lake county.    see the gallery here.  also, i recommend downloading the app on your ipad if you have one or renting one - it made the experience so much better.

my goal for the last 4 weeks before we welcome our little man is to squeeze in as many date nights as we can, especially doing things that won't be very easy once we have a baby in tow.  any suggestions are welcome, i need ideas!  as excited as i am for the baby to join us, i want to enjoy the last few weeks as a family of two!

Monday, March 3, 2014

welcome little fox: my first baby shower.

last weekend my darling friends and coworkers threw me the most thoughtful shower!  every detail was thought out perfectly and the food was amazing.  i went back at least 3 times and didn't feel one bit ashamed.  
yummy trail mix bar.  i spilled a good portion of my mine in the garage when i got home because i was trying to carry in too many things at once and i may or may not have shed some legitimate tears...
can you believe this spread?!  and the banner?!  
the baby  got so many darling things!!  baby showers are way better than bridal showers if you ask me.  tiny things are so much better than blenders and such.
having your bff as your coworker is a+.
they put together a wishing tree where everyone wrote their wishes for me and the baby.  i loved it.  some of my favorite wishes were, "i hope he starts sleeping through the night at an early age so mama can sleep!"  "enjoy life and each and every stage of baby!  wish nothing away...even night feeds, it goes so fast."  "i wish for you a healthy baby who will take a bottle while you are at work!"  "i wish a nice easy labor so your recovery is smooth!"  

meeeee too.
i could go on and on about how much i love these ladies - they make work so much fun and i am lucky to have made such amazing friendships at work.  they are all such great mamas and have such good advice for me.  i am probably going to drive them all crazy when the baby gets here and all my nurse instincts rush out the window.  
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